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Title:Workbench file lister
Create a replacement file lister that resembles the ones used in Diropus and Diropus Magellan.

Project members:
Priority:High      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:Step 1 functionality Suggestion
- Simple reaction based file lister that is launched like a separate program.
- An address bar where you can enter a path directly
- Tool bar with functions like
     "Parent" - changes view to parent folder or devices if at root folder
     "Devices" - shows all devices and assigns
     "New folder" - create new folder in current path
     "Delete" - delete selected files and/or folders
     "Rename" - rename selected file or folder
- Displaying the following columns
     "Icon" - Downscaled icon for each file
     "Name" - Name of file or folder
     "Size" - Size of file
     "Flags" - File flags
     "Date" - File date
     "Comment" - File comment
- Resizeable window.
- Remember size when closing the window (env/envarc)
- Double click folder or device changes lister content to that folder/device
- Double click file opens the file
- Ability to set default path for new listers
- lister window opens centered under mouse pointer

Step 2 functionality (Suggestion)
- Drag & Drop between instances of the lister for copying and moving files.
- Context sensitive menu when right clicking file with functions like
     "Information" - Open icon information
     "Leave out" - Put the file on the wb background
     "Copy" - Store file path and let user "paste"-copy in current and other listers
     "Cut" - Store file path and let user "paste"-move in current and other listers

Step x functionality (Suggestion)
- User configurable tool bar
- User configurable file actions for context sensitive menu and tool bar
- Being able to select which columns the lister shows
- Direct FTP browsing "ftp://user@host"
- Direct Samba browsing
- Direct SFTP browsing
- Browse archives (lha,lzx,zip etc) as if they were folders
- Transparent File actions inside archives (copy,rename etc as if in normal folder)
- Icon view mode (like normal workbench)
- Display only files with icons
- Advanced viewing mode like flat view (shows all files in current and sub folders) and directory tree view.

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Created by:orgin
Created at:20080717 16:12
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20130606 11:01
Assigned to:ssolie

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ID  Title  Assigned  Progress  Updated  Created by  
12  New images  Mason  100%  20090126 21:36  orgin
13  Add AISS support  orgin  100%  20100116 10:27  orgin
14  Create supervisor task [Invalid, closed]  Not Assigned  0%  20100116 10:27  orgin
15  Extended default mouse pointer types  orgin  100%  20100116 10:26  orgin
16  Replace file header comment with openamiga reference  orgin  100%  20081113 16:19  orgin
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