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About OpenAmiga

The Open Amiga organization is an Amiga community Open Source Research and Development department.

In cooperation with Amigans.net, Logo by Ken Lester


- The main goals
- Open source
- Infrastructure
- Needed personnel

The main goals

- Enhance the AmigaOS 4 experience
- Provide useful information for OS4 developers
- Research advanced topics like multi user support

Everything that Open Amiga produces shall be done with the intent of some day including it in the main AmigaOS4 distribution made by Hyperion.

Open source

Open source presents a few strong points that other methods doesn't offer.

These are the reasons for proposing to use Open Source for the Open Amiga organization:
     - Experience gained from one project can be reused in another
     - The source code can act as school book examples for other developers
     - The source isn't depending on one single person or entity. If the person loses interest the source can keep living on.
     - Anyone can contribute to the code ( though of course governed by the leader of a specific project).
     - The project may make use of the SVN repository provided free-of-charge to manage multiple developers efforts.


There's some issues here that the Work group needs to discuss:
     - What web site functions and other support infrastructure do we need? Forums, wikis etc.

Balanced between what we can do ourselves in terms of manpower and using shortcuts like existing solutions.

Needed personnel

- Developers and others who can join the main work group
- Interested parties that provide feedback in the forums
- People who can write developer guides and guidelines (howtos, do's and don'ts)
- Web developers for building the infrastructure
- People who gather available developer documentation from the net
Open Amiga project website, Created in 2008 by Björn Hagström