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A DOS handler for HTTP access.
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Title:Current status
Text:http-handler v1 has been stable for years. I'm using it regulary and haven't had a single bug report for as long as I remember.
Version 2 was the first attempt at making it WebDAV. It was custom code and I ended up abandoning it.
Version 3 uses the neon library. It largely works, but has some issues with directory traversal. The most recent beta has issues with SSL so can only connect to non-secure sites (I have since fixed this).

At the moment I'm updating v3 to work with the new 64-bit packets of OS4.1, which replace ExAll et al. There are still bugs in directory traversal which are now resulting in a crash, which I'm lacking the time to debug.
Created by:chris
Created at:20140403 00:37
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
45  WebDAV-handler Beta 5  0  20140809 00:04  chris
42  Beta 4  0  20140628 19:09  chris
26  WebDAV... with added neon  0  20120219 01:20  chris
25  WebDAV... version 3... with added neon  0  20120219 01:19  chris
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