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Title:2D structured art datatype superclass
A drawing.datatype superclass for 2D structured artwork, and an IFF DR2D subclass.
  Update entry
Title:Current status
Text:Since the previous beta release I started work on the DR2D subclass. It is mostly working - basic line drawing and fills are implemented as per the existing SVG subclass - however there is an outstanding bug, which causes drawing either off canvas or polygons to incorrectly terminate back to the corner. Once I manage to track this down I'll set about a new beta release.

Currently implemented:
drawing.datatype subclass - basic drawing (lines, polygons, bezier curves) and filling
SVG subclass - implements all of the above using libsvgtiny
DR2D subclass - implements all of the above (notwithstanding above mentioned issues)

The image drawn is scaled to the size of the object, which was one of the main aims of this project, rather than seeing structured drawings rendered as bitmaps. I apologise for the length of time it has taken to get this far, but we are nearly in a state of implementing the primary goal, ie. DR2D previews in MultiView.
Created by:chris
Created at:20140403 00:30
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
47  Release Candidate  0  20150118 15:00  chris
32  A second beta  0  20130811 14:30  chris
31  A second beta  0  20130811 14:29  chris
29  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
28  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
14  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
13  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
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