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Title:32Bit icon editor
Implement a new icon editor capable of creating 32Bit icons.
  Update entry
Title:Final version of Icon Editor NG is coming!
Text:The 32-bit Icon Editor bounty is near to completion!

I'm rewriting the program to clean up and upgrade code and I called it "Icon Editor NG (next-generation)" because it's now an application working on custom screen with several windows.

1. Edit Window
2. Preview Window
3. Project Window
4. Toolbar Window
5. Palette Window

In Edit Window there are couple of buttons they are starting from top:

1. Zoom in
2. Zoom out
3. Image selection
4. Alpha mode - not yet implemented
5. Grid on/off
6. Arrows - not yet implemented

In preview window you see two pictures representing an icon on simple background.
In horizontal toolbar (Project Window) there are buttons related to project:

1. New Icon
2. Load Icon - implemented 5.4.2011
3. Save Icon - not yet implemented
4. Save icon as - not yet implemented

In vertical toolbar (Toolbar Window) we have paint tools:

1. Freehand
2. Freehand points
3. Line
4. Rectangle
5. Filled Rectangle
6. Ellipse
7. Undo
8. Redo
9. Clear - implemented 5.4.2011

All paint tools are up and working!

In palette window there is a possibility to customize 32 palette entries with colorwheel and RGB sliders. Alpha is not implemented yet in this version.

In pull-down menu we have beside the Project options also the possibility to choose icon type and change sketchboard size.

Editing is rather nice, program seems to be very fast and stable.

I need to implement those missing functions and add some things that were suggested and the program is complete.

Here you can grab test version:


And here you can see the example screenshot:

Created by:Robert
Created at:20110406 10:26
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
22  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version v1.2  0  20110112 20:32  Robert
21  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version v1.1  0  20101226 18:54  Robert
20  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version  0  20101226 18:54  Robert
19  32Bit Icon Editor in mature version  0  20101226 18:54  Robert
17  32Bit Icon Editor GUI preview  0  20100825 06:31  Robert
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