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Title:Uniform ARexx Dictionary Interface
Create a dedicated application that allows a user interested in ARexx scripting to browse applications installed and see their command set in detail.

Project members:
Priority:Low      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:On application launch:

Show a list of applications currently installed on the host computer which have an Arexx Port.

Allow the user to select an application from this list and show a complete list of Arexx commands support by this application.

Give documentation on each command supported to show (non-exhaustive list) command name, command description and purpose, arguments accepted and return values.

Also within the scope of this application is the ability at the application selection stage to allow the user to view the Arexx Standard command set.

Stages involved:

1) Research. Find out what worthwhile applications have an arexx port. Trawl through webpages, program guides and pdfs to find out to what extent functionality of arexx they in fact cover; making notes of urls and reference points.

2) Setting out the data. From this list of applications this stage would involve entering commands into a suitable file format; suggested format would be XML. Every application gets allocated a file that lists each command name and its described purpose.
Within this drawer of csv/xml dictionary files would reside a dictionary of global arexx commands.

I would expect stage 2 to take the longest amount of time; consolidating all the information into one place.

3) The final stage would to be implement the GUI itself and all functionality described above. To show those applications in the database that are currently installed on the host computer and/or develop a recognised way to poll/discover new existing applications outside the database and present the information accordingly.

Depending on the current ARexx implementation it may likely be necessary to outline loose guidelines for developers to take on-board when coding future and/or adapting existing applications to encourage them to document the command set in a more uniform manner.
Created by:djrikki
Created at:20100901 14:13
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20140802 23:34
Assigned to:jakp
Suggested by:Richard Lake

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