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Title:Application initiated drag&drop
Write a proposal for a way to implement appicon/appwindow drag&drop initiated from application.

Project members:
Priority:High      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:Currently workbench is the only part that can initiate a drag&drop event that results in an AppMessage sent to the appwindow/appicon where the drop is made.

The workbench.library should be updated to enable applications to initiate such events as well.

Write a document describing a way to implement this in workbench.library
    - Must be possible to drag&drop arbitrary data
- Must be possible to drag&drop identifiable data much like the clipboard system
- Must fit into the current AppMessage system without breaking backward compability

Points to consider:
    - standardized appicon images that are displayed when dragging
- using a custom appicon image
- drag&drop onto a workbench window and it creates a file with the dragged data automatically
Created by:orgin
Created at:20090325 15:57
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:20090423
Last update:20090423 16:40
Assigned to:orgin

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