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Title:Enhanced clicktab.gadget
A clicktab.gadget-alike gadget class with additional functionality.

Project members:
Priority:Medium      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
Description:The new clicktab.gadget should have the following additional functionality:

1) The ability to add an image to each individual tab
2) The ability to embed gadgets within the tab

For (1) both image+text and having a tab which is purely graphical must be supported. Image+text must allowing positioning of the image to either side of the text.

For (2) the initial version must be able to add a button gadget to the tab, but an ability to add any gadget to the tab would make it more flexible for future uses. Possible uses are for individual tab close gadgets, checkbox gadgets to select multiple tabs, etc.

Any embedded gadgets would have their own gadget ID and clicking on these must not cause clicktab.gadget to activate or send a GADGET_UP event. However, it must be possible to determine which tab the gadget is linked to (possibly via Gadget UserData) and be able to dispose the gadget automatically when the tab node is freed.

Technically both (1) and (2) could be achieved by allowing gadget and image classes to be added to clicktab gadgets in a fashion similar to how they are added to layout.gadget. However, the image at least must relate to individual tabs rather than all tabs, and should be handled by an extended ClickTabNode structure and associated tag.
Created by:chris
Created at:20081018 23:01
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20140402 19:05
Assigned to:Rigo
Suggested by:Chris

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