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Title:Assign manager
Create a graphical tool for managing assigns in an user friendly manner.

Project members:
Priority:Medium      As prioritized by the OS4 development team
    A temporary assign is an assign made outside the startup-sequence and user-startup files
A permanent assign is an assign made inside the startup-sequence and user-startup files
An assign created elsewhere shall be regarded as a temporary assign
An add assign is an assign created with the ADD directive. (assign s: path: ADD)

Step 1 functionality
    - List all available assigns with the following columns:
    - Assign
    - Path
    - If it's an add assign
    - If it's permanent or temporary
    - In which file a permanent assign was created
- Ability to edit path of an assign
- Ability to toggle if an assign is an add assign or not
- Editing of a permanent assign shall be done in the same place in the file where it was previously defined.
- Adding/removing temporary assigns
- Adding/removing permanent assigns
- New permanent assigns in user-startup only
- When adding an assign it shall also be selectable if it should be an add assign.
- All changes shall affect the system in real time, with no reboot required.

Step 2 functionality
    - Toggle an existing assign between temporary/permanent.
- Select in which startup file (startup-sequence/user-startup) a new permanent assign is created
- Quick button for editing user-startup or startup-sequence
Created by:orgin
Created at:20080712 12:31
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20160229 14:11
Assigned to:marko

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