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Update and maintain Mixer to reach a level where it might be possible to integrate it in OS4 (Devs approval provided of course)
  Update entry
Title:Updated Mixer to 1.29
Text: - Added missing CloseLibrary(IconBase) in main.c
- Added closeifacelibs() function in main.c to keep the code simpler
and prevent accidentally missing some close/drop calls.
- Fixed crash on Classics without supported sound card where the
CleanUpGUI() function was freeing unpopulated DriverNames[x] array
elements which weren't allocated but the array pointer wasn't NULL.
(Thanks Darren Eveland for all the testing!)
- Updated the icon and images to the latest ones from OS4.1
Created by:AlexC
Created at:20101108 04:35
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
48  Updated Mixer to V1.41  0  20150830 01:11  javierdlr
35  Coming soon V1.37!!!  0  20131003 00:20  javierdlr
34  V1.36 done!  0  20130903 00:50  javierdlr
33  Fixed bugs remaining and added 'task list'  0  20130814 11:24  javierdlr
30  New update v1.34...  0  20130810 00:41  javierdlr
27  Updated Mixer to 1.32  0  20120612 12:58  AlexC
24  Updated Mixer to 1.30  0  20110522 05:45  AlexC
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