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Title:2D structured art datatype superclass
A drawing.datatype superclass for 2D structured artwork, and an IFF DR2D subclass.
  Update entry
Title:A second beta
Text:Today I've uploaded a new beta (which I've confusingly called "beta1" - it's the first proper public beta though).

The main attraction is that this is the first release of the IFF DR2D sub-class. It doesn't draw perfectly, but seemed good enough for a beta release (otherwise it will be another year before it sees the light of day!).

It supports the bare minimum of chunks:
ATTR (fill colour, line colour and dash ID of 0 only)

The SVG datatype, if it is any different to last time, is now using the libDOM version of libsvg. There's no visual difference, and I haven't touched the version numbering of that component either.

If anybody wants to help or write some other subclasses, please email me to be added to the project.
Created by:chris
Created at:20130811 14:29
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
47  Release Candidate  0  20150118 15:00  chris
38  Current status  0  20140403 00:30  chris
32  A second beta  0  20130811 14:30  chris
29  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
28  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
14  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
13  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
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