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Title:2D structured art datatype superclass
A drawing.datatype superclass for 2D structured artwork, and an IFF DR2D subclass.
  Update entry
Title:Skeleton code done
Text:I thought I'd provide an update given that progress has been very slow owing to lack of time. The superclass and first subclass (dr2d) are in "skeleton" form, ie. the communication and rendering between the two class libraries and datatypes.library is in a state where it works without any major problems. Rendering is using graphics.library currently as using Cairo and/or SObjs was causing the one of the libraries to crash. Needs further investigation. If I'm forced to use graphics.library this will make the rendering code much more difficult to write.

The superclass needs to be fleshed out with the appropriate methods, structures to be able to create a drawing list and then render it. Likewise, the subclass needs to be able to convert a DR2D into this partially-defined structure to be able to pass it on to the superclass.
Created by:chris
Created at:20100206 19:24
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
47  Release Candidate  0  20150118 15:00  chris
38  Current status  0  20140403 00:30  chris
32  A second beta  0  20130811 14:30  chris
31  A second beta  0  20130811 14:29  chris
29  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
28  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
14  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
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