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Title:Extra version string system
Invent a way to embed an extra, non amiga version strings into programs and create a tool to extract it.
  Update entry
Title:ExtraVersion updated to 1.1.0b
Text:I have now updated ExtraVersion to version 1.1.0b, uploaded to OS4Depot here:

- New switch/option VER and VERSTAG added, finds the $VER: cookie instead.
- Fixed bug in returned ver/extver tag, one trailing whitespace where added when no comment.
- Corrected the typo in various places to correct "ExtraVersion", thanks TSK.

There are still some stuff left to fix for me, and implementation of some more swithes (VERSION etc)...

Also, I have implemented a test suite with unit tests, to help testing if the command works as expected... In the coming releases I will include that test suite in the release as well, so users can test it them selfes.

Kind regards,
Created by:marko
Created at:20171211 18:43
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
50  ExtraVersion 1.0b  0  20160226 07:26  marko
41  Alpha 3 ready with a downloadable file  0  20140512 04:29  marko
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