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Title:Extra version string system
Invent a way to embed an extra, non amiga version strings into programs and create a tool to extract it.
javierdlrExtversion command doesn't work with text files20140530 00:39
[os4depot]Comment by: TSK ( At: 29 May 2014, 08:38 File version: 0.4-Beta_1
Extversion command doesn't work with text files. It doesn't display anything. Any file type can have version tag including text files

[javierdlr]Confirmed if I add "$EXTVER: Extversion.readme Beta_1 (29.05.2014) Extversion.readme comment." to Extversion.readme (top, first line) and then try 'EXTVERSION Extversion.readme' it doesn't output anything.
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markoRe: Extversion command doesn't work with text files20160226 07:33

Should work now with version 1.0b.
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