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orginA list of potential projects20080717 10:49
Originally posted by abalaban here:


* OS :

- USB : USB2 support
- Printing : improvement in the print system
- Datatypes : improvements in datatypes system (streaming, cross format saving, thumbnails, ...)
- Petunia : support of Classic Amiga custom chips
- Audio : AHI recording
- Network : IPv6 support in RoadShow
- Multiuser : minimal support for multi-user
- ReAction : classes improvement, higher level interface, ...
- Charsets, fonts : UTF-8 support
- GrimReaper : useable GDB that does not freeze the system one time of two when attaching a crashed process
- fix refresh problem in WB scrollbars
- Find : too simplist, don't manage to search into every drawers
- Multiview : add possibility to do a small diaporama, a small playlist, etc.
- integration of AmiUpdate into the system in order to update it, mode to install yet unstalled softwares
- Clock, PlayCD, Blanker modules : there are a bit outdated, aren't they ?
- PartionWizard : better SFS support
- Theme manager in the GUI preference
- Input : Handling of multimedia keys, joypads
- File systems : FAT32, NTFS
- Samba, OpenSSH : It would be better to make a network handler then plugins for Samba, FTP, SFTP, NFS etc... Advantage of this is that with a good documentation and a sample plugin it's not required that OS4 devs write all plugins themselves.
- A system monitor : task lists and possibility to kill those that are crashed, preview CPU usage
- PDF printer

* Workbench :
- A lister mode
- Possibility to iconify windows
- Icons : add 32bits and PNG support to IconEdit
- Possibility to create link
- Multi-desktop handling (a la linux)
- a "thumbnailer" (a la eastern) : I will even go further and propose (mybe via a preference) to do thumbnails of every file types having an appropriate datatype (yes I know I come back to the datatypes, but that is (was) a so innovative and clever concept that I find it scandalous that it was let apart for so long)...
- Screenshot function
- Dockies : possibility to choose which dock the dockies will be added, a true transparency mode
- Dockies : a dock with only dockies in it to monitor activites of running applications (cpu meter, equalizers for an audio player, indication of received mail for the mailer, progress bar of the burning software, etc.)
- Iconification in the dock itself
- Shell : improvements a la KingCON, addition of tabs, log for each console, settings (background color, ...)
- AISS yes I agree totally, it must be integrated in the OS, but it would be good to have a way of caching in order to prevent applications spend ages to launch...

* Hardware :
- USB : webcams support (isochronous mode) and scanners
- NVidia GFX-card support
- better profit of gfx-cards (tv and dvi -out, compositing, overlay, opengl etc)
- Bluetooth stack (file transfer, etc.)
- TV Tuner card support
- Firewire : for storage
- functionnal IDE ZIP drives support (not just in read-only mode)
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ValiantRe: A list of potential projects20080717 15:02

How about the ability to read ext2/ext3 fs's if you have a multi-boot system?

AmiGameRe: A list of potential projects20080720 19:53

The "Screenshot utility"... It seems like mainly some "simple" update to SGrab, isn't it ?

Wouldn't it be better to improve SGrab instead of creating a brand new project ?

Also what about putting this site in the Links list on Amigans.net ?

New Projects suggestions (though some of them might already exist ?):
-- An Energy Saving Utility (if the HW supports it)
-- An easy to use Themes (Workbench) designer where you could just launch that tool and then click on any part of the Workbench... That tool will then recognize which element you want to change the color (or background image, or Font,...) for... And then from that tool you can just browse your HDs and/or Media to put a Background Image instead, etc...
-- An Ico2PNG Converter Utility (or even .ico files to Amiga-2states-icons converter not just PNG)
-- Maybe something like ADO to allow to run a SQL Statement from an Amiga App/Tool to connect to a MSSQL/MSAccess/Oracle/DB2... Database on another Machine (windows but maybe also others like AS400) ?

- Dockies : a dock with only dockies in it to monitor activites of running applications
(cpu meter, equalizers for an audio player, indication of received mail for the mailer,
progress bar of the burning software, etc.)

-- Maybe something ala TaskManager but with a better Layout (and including Network Access Monitoring maybe separating Internet/Intranet) ?

orginRe: A list of potential projects20080720 20:18

Well is SGrab open source? Can it be a part of OS4 so that Hyperion or OA can update it if the author drops interest?

One of the points of Open Amiga is to stop the current trend of "you need to download this too" that AmigaOS 4 is turning into. That SGrab exists is great, but a screen grab utility should really be a part of the OS as standard and not be a separate download.

If the one who picks up the screen shot utility project contacts Stephan Rupprecht and manages to get him to participate in and submit the SGrab source to OA then that's super. If not then there's no option but to write something from scratch so that it can be included in the OS without any strings attached (or at least that Hyperion is required to return changes to the source code if MPL is selected as the OA license, do join the license discussion in the forums).

As for your other suggestions, you are welcome to use the "submit" link in the top menu :o) Just provide a bit of meat in the Description field. See the assign manager for an example.
abalabanRe: A list of potential projects20080721 12:38

First my name is 'abalaban', not 'Alaban' ;-) (that's my first name shorten to an initial and then my surname).

Then I think the lister mode of the WB is already implemented in the upcoming OS 4.1 as thus maybe we should remove this or at least wait until it's released before starting anything else.

EDIT: about SGrab I think Stefan Rupprecht is part of the OS4 Dev Team, as such maybe he would not object in releasing it's source code ? SGrab works great, the only thing that would need work for OS inclusion IMHO is the GUI part.
orginRe: A list of potential projects20080721 13:06

From the 4.1 demos and reports it seems the new lister mode is just the old mode but looking a bit more fancy with scaled icons, but it's not really a useful file management lister mode. It does not provide a fraction of the functionality as described in the lister project (There's not even an address bar which is a very basic requirement for a proper file lister).

Sgrab: Do you want to be assigned to that project and find out if he's willing then? ;) It is important however that the snapshot project does not require any third party "download this too" parts such as png and/or jpg compressors. Sgrab would have to be rewritten a bit to not appear as a separate application as well. Once the OS is started you should be able hot key snapshot without launching a separate program. And with the advance clipboard project it should also be made to cope with sending the snapshot image to the clipboard for pasting into a graphics program for example.
abalabanRe: A list of potential projects20080721 16:12

Will continue the discussion in the respective projects...
RigoRe: A list of potential projects20080905 13:50

SGrab is already included with AmigaOS 4.0 on. The source is not freely available, but a mail to Stephan Rupprecht with any bugs or enhancements may yield results.

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