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Title:Multiuser simple
Design simple multi user support that does not involve file and process permissions
jakpAbout homes20090210 12:38
I suggest the following directory structure for storing user homes and users' personal data:

SYS:Users/<user name>/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Env-Archive/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Favorites/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Library/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Library/Books/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Library/Music/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Library/Pictures/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Public/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Startup/
SYS:Users/<user name>/Work/

This directory contains all home directories.

<user name>
User's "<user name>" home directory, assigned as HOME when the user logs in.

This is like "SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive" directory. Any change made to system or application settings (by the user) will be saved here and not in the "SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive".

This directory exists for storing links to applications, files, and to open web sites quickly.

Directory for user's e-book/document (subdirectory "Books"), music (subdirectory "Music"), and picture (subdirectory "Pictures") collections.

Files stored in this directory are available to the other users.

This is like "SYS:WBStartup" directory. When user logs in, scripts and tools stored in this directory will be executed.

This is the default saving and loading directory for applications, assigned as WORK when the user logs in.
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nbacheRe: About homes20090712 01:03

I must say that I think it is a bad idea to fix all these paths to SYS:. Especially the ones meant for apps and data, i.e. Library, Public, Work.

SYS: should be kept small and preferably only contain the OS itself and stuff like settings and links. Everything else should be storable anywhere the (admin and/or regular) user wants it and pointed to by links and/or assigns whenever necessary.

In fact, maybe the whole Users directory should be freely placed and pointed to by a USERS: assign?

But the idea itself is otherwise fine.
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