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SVN Access


- Intro
- How to gain access
- Software
- First steps
- Examples


Subversion (SVN) is a version control system that lets you store files and keep track of changes on them over time. And it's a tool that lets multiple developers work on the same code base.

You can get more information about Subversion Here

How to gain access

Access to the OpenAmiga SVN is controlled by the user management system on the OpenAmiga.org website. It is not possible to get anonymous access to the SVN.

Access is granted by following three steps:
    1. By requesting and receiving basic access from a site moderator or administrator.
    2. Setting your SVN password on your Edit Profile page.
    3. Joining the project that you wish to contribute to.

All three steps must be followed before you can access any SVN files. Once joined to a project a SVN URL will be visible on the project information page. And together with your username and SVN password you are ready to access the project SVN tree. You can browse the SVN tree from the project page but to actually contribute to the project you need to use a SVN client.


There's a multitude of SVN clients available for a multitude of platforms, including AmigaOS 3 and 4. Some use a textual prompt interface, others are more graphical in nature working much like a file lister. At this point in time, only a textual prompt based client is available for AmigaOS 4.

The AmigaOS4 client is available on OS4Depot: Download

Clients for other platforms can be found on the Subversion homepage

First steps

After installing the SVN Client you need to create the directory where you want the projects files to reside locally on your computer.

Once created, open a shell and point it to your directory.

Then enter:
    svn checkout svn://openamiga.org/projects/...

The actual svn:// url is provided on the project information page.

The client will prompt for your username and password. If it prompts for a 'root' password then just press enter and it will ask for your real username. After entering your details it will download all files from the repository.

You can specify the username and password directly:

    svn checkout svn://openamiga.org/projects/... --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD

You can get more help by typing:

    svn help


Update your whole source tree for a project, point your shell to the working folder and type:

    svn update

List the contents of a directory on the server:

    svn list source/

Quick look at contents of a file:

    svn cat source/myinclude.h

Send you changes to the server:

    svn commit

To get more help:

    SVN Manual See chapter 2