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News title:  Project Extended default mouse pointer types finished
Posted:  20081031 22:01 by orgin

The Extended default mouse pointer types has been finished!

Download the result from the bottom of the project page.

Project description:

Originally AmigaOS only handles two pointers, the normal pointer and the busy pointer. But modern GUI design has created a need for a more versatile range of pointers to give a more precise feedback to the user such as resizing, zooming and drag&drop. From OS4.0 32Bit pointers was introduced by using icon images in the env(arc):sys/ folder for the normal and busy pointer. This project adds a range of other pointers in the same way. For non 32Bit capable systems and/or screens applications are recommended to fall back to the original normal/busy pointers.

Thanks to Martin Merz for the pointer images and Simon Archer for insight into the AmigaOS icon system.

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